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Santiago Christian Academy        Santiago, Chile       Cruz Almeyda 1389         Peņalolen         (2)271-6514
Our faculty consists of men and women who come to Chile specifically to teach at SCA as short term and long term teachers.

As a school, SCA provides free on campus housing when available to each teacher ministering with us.  Should the five apartments be occupied, other arrangements will be considered.  We also pay for all utilities with the exception of heating during the winter months.  (This is normally between $30.00-$65.00 per month depending on usage for about a three month period of time.)  During your initial three months in Chile, we provide a Spanish tutor free of charge twice each week in order to help with language acquisition.  SCA also offers free internet and teacher resources to those on campus.

If you would like more information about short or long term teaching opportunities, please contact us on our internet phone at:
(937)867-3098 or write us at: