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Santiago Christian Academy
Supporting SCA
There are two ways you can financially support SCA.

Many of our teachers are short-term missionaries.  Oftentimes, short term missionaries approach their departure date and are not fully supported. They are unable to come and minister with us without being 100% supported. This creates difficulties for us here at the school. As such, we have started a "teacher fund" whereby anyone can contribute and help in this area. All the funds you give to this account go directly to those teachers that would otherwise be unable to minister with us.

We have various families from time to time that experience hardships (loss of a job, sickness in a family, etc.). These are families that attend our school but are nationals right here in Chile. When these hardships occur, they are oftentimes unable to afford the monthly fees to send their children to our school. They love the Christian education; however, if they don't have the funds and we are unable to help, they would need to pull their children from our school and have them attend a public school here. These schools are not the best environment. We have begun a "student fund" for such cases. Any monies given to this fund goes directly to the families that are in need in order to keep their child(ren) attending SCA.

For either of these ministries you can send a one time gift, or you can give monthly, quarterly or yearly. In both cases, the funds given do not go to us but rather to the particular ministry area. Please pray about participating in one or both of these ministries. We have seen the Lord do amazing things here at the school, and we know for certain that He will continue to provide for our every need!

In order to give you can either call ABWE at (717)774-7000 or you can go to and click on "Give". You can use these account numbers in order to help:
SCA Teacher Fund 0741433
SCA Student Fund 0741443