Q- What is the primary focus of the school?

A-We desire to provide a Christ-centered, US based, English education to our missionary children.  As room allows we extend those same opportunities to others in and around the community.

Q - Can you describe the student body at SCA?

A- We have about 110 students in grades pre-kdg through 12th grade.  There are many missionary children as well as a mixture of others from various nationalities.  The vast majority of our study body have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their savior.  Those that enter our school unsaved do so on a trial basis and are required to attend and pass all Bible classes.  

Q- How can I minister at SCA?

A-Our school is growing, and we are in need of various teachers as well as teacher aides for the elementary classes.  We often-times need secondary teachers as well.   We are praying for another administrator and secretary to minister with the current administrator and secretary.  Having a handy man on the school grounds is necessary as well. 

Q- How long can I minister?

A-We ask that you consider ministering for one or two years if you desire to come short term.  We then ask that you seek the Lordís direction about possibly ministering with us on a full time basis. 

Q- Whom do I contact in order to have my questions answered and begin the process?

A-Terry Large works at ABWE, Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, in Harrisburg, PA.  She helps to organize and provide all information to those desiring to minister as short term missionaries around the world.  Her phone number is (717)909-2341 and her email is terry@abwe.org.

Rob Hagerty is the administrator at SCA and can be reached via Magic Jack phone or email at (814)626-0342 or hagertyinchile@abwe.cc.

Q- Do I get paid to minister at the school?

A-As a short term missionary we provide an apartment and pay for the vast majority of your utilities as long as space is available.  Our short term missionaries raise support prior to their coming for their living expenses while ministering with us.  Should you have school aged children, up to three children can attend SCA free of charge if you are ministering with us. 

Q- Is it safe in Santiago?

A-Santiago is a large city of over seven million people.  Theft is an issue in most large cities in South America, but violent crimes are very minimal.  Our school grounds and apartments have guards on duty 24 hours each day of the week, and our grounds are surrounded by a fence.  These precautions have been taken in order to reduce the possibility of items being stolen from the school property.   While outside the school grounds you should not leave items unattended. 

Q- Is their medical system good?

A-For those that have insurance, the medical system is excellent!  Doctors will often provide their cell phone number to the patient and are available as needed.