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Santiago Christian Academy        Santiago, Chile       Cruz Almeyda 1389         Peņalolen         (2)271-6514
Santiago Christian Academy
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Academics - Elementary
Our Elementary classes are taught entirely in English, using a variety of different curriculum materials.  Currently, our 1st and 2nd grades are taught separately, using BJU Press materials for Phonics, English, Reading, and Spelling and Saxon for Math. There is a maximum number of 18 students per grade in these classes.  Our 3rd and 4th grades are in a combined class, with the hope that we will soon be able to divide them into separate classes.  Our 5th and 6th grades are also currently in a combined class, with the same hope of dividing them in the near future.   In 3rd-6th  grade, we use BJU Press English and Reading,  and Saxon Math.  We use a mixture of BJU Press and ABEKA for History and Purposeful Design Science.  Both of these classes have a maximum class size of 18 students.  Every Elementary class also teaches Bible, with the understanding that the Word of God is to also be incorporated into all other content areas.   All K-6th students also participate in Standardized Testing once a year.